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Use Live Chat To Increase Sales and Improve Conversions

It is no longer a secret that proactive communication with website visitors is guaranteed to improve your website’s conversion rate and increase sales prospects. Companies and B2B businesses who use live chat instantly see a 20% increase in conversion rate, a study found.

Capture More Leads with Live Chat

Consumers and casual visitors have a lot of questions before they decide to give your product a try, leave contact information or even decide to try your offering. While having informative content certainly helps in delivering a great customer experience, there is no substitute of one to one human communications. You may be surprised to learn that more than 44% of online shoppers will prefer buying from a website which provides live assistance and answers their queries when they are looking for something.

Apart from communications, Live Chat installs Trust and Faith in your customer’s mind. It helps in building brand loyalty at the very first touch point and it gives your customers a reason to give you their email address and phone number. Customers who live chat with your agents are 3 times more likely to buy your product or services or at least leave their contact information for further prospecting, a study found.

Live chat is also a great tool to build brand equity. It helps to build a positive perception about the business in the customer’s mind and they are more likely to endorse it to others, if they had a positive experience. Research shows that prospects who were able to speak or chat with a real human being are more likely to return to the same business at a later point in time. This helps your business capture more leads with minimum effort and without paying hefty sales salaries.

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Boost Sales with Live chat

When a visitor is in a buying mood, he wants his questions to be answered as quickly as possible. This is especially true for eCommerce websites and businesses selling digital goods, products or services. If you integrate live visitor chat and have trained agents answering customer questions in real time, Sales numbers will definitely see a J curve.

Live chat is also a great way to increase the order value of your product. A well trained live chat agent can use different techniques of upselling and cross selling to increase the order value, which the prospect may otherwise not consider evaluating on his own.

Many businesses use Live chat to recommend similar products and services to increase sales from interested prospects who are not sure about their own needs and need some hand holding before they decide to buy even more products and services from you.

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Live Chat Helps You Shorten Your Sales Funnel

Your sales cycle is either way too long, complicated and may result in a frustrating experience for your prospects and employees. Your leads may lose interest if you are taking too long to get to the point when they are likely to convert. Live chat quickens your response time and shortens your sales funnel, thereby allowing you to convert prospects into customers more quickly.

Collect Customer insights with Live chat and this can act as an additional source of intelligence for your sales team. Your salesperson can use this data to predict the nature and preferences of the prospect before he even speaks to him in person.

Live chat is also an easy way to educate a prospect and nurture leads before qualifying them to the next step. If your business has a good influx of leads and most of them are not qualified enough for a sale, consider using a live chat solution and use the tool to qualify them into interested prospects who are more likely to convert into a sale.

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Your Next Website Visitor Could Become a Sale, if you are Willing to Talk.

Sales is a game of numbers. And like any other battle, you can win it by using the right tools. Use Live Chart to start conversations, engage your website visitors, nurture the leads at the right time and see your sales numbers grow.

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