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Engage your website visitors with Live chat - Learn how ChatSupport works

Live chat is the easiest way to engage people visiting your website for the first time. Learn how ChatSupport’s live chat software works and how you can use it to improve conversions, capture more leads and initiate conversations.

Sign up for an account. It’s Free

Sign up for a ChatSupport account. It takes less than a minute and it’s completely free, we do not have any limitations on the number of users or the number of chats you can take.

Once you have created your account, you will need to add a ChatSupport widget to your website or blog. It’s a simple javascript code which will be emailed to you, once you finish creating your account.

Once you have added the ChatSupport widget to your website, you are ready to take your first chat. It’s that simple, we promise it won’t take more than 5 minutes of your time to get this done!

Live chat on mobile and desktop

Customize your Chat Widget

Don’t like the default chat widget? No problem, you can always customize the chat widget with your own colors to match your website’s theme and style guide. This includes adding a unique chat icon to stand out and also attract incoming leads who may want to start a conversation.

We have four different color schemes to begin with - Blue, Green, Grey and Black but if you have a specific preference for a color scheme, you can always use the color picker and pick a unique color scheme for your chat widget.

We totally understand your need for a chat widget that dwells with the branding and theme of your website, hence our chat widget is highly customizable and supports any color with a custom hex code.

Live chat widgets

Setup Unique Chat Prompts

Chat prompts are unique messages which you can proactively use to engage your website visitors, before they decide to leave your website. Do you know that more than 60% of website visitors prefer to be engaged with proactive chats, over cold calls and email? Our tool allows you to quickly set up chat prompts in your account, so you can define the best possible user experience for your website visitors.

You can configure the delay of each prompt and define the time internal when a chat prompt is triggered on the website.

Not satisfied with chat prompts and want advanced features? We’ve got you covered. Our advanced features include triggering the widget on specific pages on the website, having a lead capture form before initiating the chat, having a disconnect timer which disconnects the chat after a given time interval. You have to try our tool once to know how awesome and simple it is to provide a good chat experience to your website visitors.

Chat prompt on your Homepage

We believe simple is better than complex.

Our tool is designed to cover all the requirements of a live chat, without confusing setups and complicated round trips with coders, developers, deployments and scripts. One small javascript to begin with, and you are ready to take chats from Anywhere.

Give us a try, install a free live chat software in your website today.

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