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Live chat software - chat widgets

Customers want a fast and friendly response. Provide rapid replies via chat and solve issues within minutes.


of customers say that, when it comes to customer service, valuing their time is one of the most important things a company can do.1

Live chat software - chat widgets Source: 1Forrester
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Connect with
every visitor.

Live chat queue - chat with multiple visitors

Proactively engage with visitors via the live visitor queue. Show customers you care and reach out to offer a helping hand.


of customers will walk away from an online purchase if they are unable to find quick answers to their questions.2

Source: 2Forrester

Capture every

Capture every

Live chat software on mobile device - lead capture form

Never miss a lead or sale again. Provide instant and accurate information through chat, capture leads and shorten the sales process.

Grow your business up to 33%3

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Real people, not bots.

of customers believe a real person can better understand their needs compared to a chatbot

Business Insider

of customers view companies more favorably when the service they provide is more personalized.


of US internet users feel chatbots provide too many unhelpful responses.


Let us help you.

Answer every chat. Customers expect an instant response to their queries. ChatSupport’s live chat answering service is here to help.


of customers say businesses should be providing support 24/7.

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