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    Increased lead conversions with click to chat solution.

    Collect all the necessary customer contact information you need like their name and email address.

    This helps you to follow up with a callback or email on questions that you might need time to find answers or solutions for.

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    Elevated happiness,
    more loyal customers.

    Guide visitors on a personalised journey to improve customer satisfaction and increase conversions.

    Use the live visitor queue to reach out to visitors when they need it most.

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    Effective dealership chat software.

    Live chat generates satisfaction levels of 73%, compared to just 61% for email and 44% for phone.

    Handle multiple customers at the same time with ease and offer visitors an effective alternative to conventional phone calls or email.

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    Streamlined automotive sales and service.

    Offer a customised experience across different webpages.

    Create dedicated live ChatSupport widgets for different webpages on sales and service, insurance and loans, test drive booking,
    on-road assist, and much more.

    Create dedicated live ChatSupport widgets for different webpages on sales and service, insurance and loans, test drive booking, on-road assist, and much more.

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    Simplified processes, multiplied benefits.

    Unlike calls, live chat allows you to handle multiple conversations from different customers at the same time.

    Keep track of all your visitors and and take your customer service to the next level with live ChatSupport.

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    Save time,
    serve more.

    Enable custom lead generation tools and save time involved in collecting critical customer information needed.

    Improve customer loyalty by allowing customers to submit requests at the click of a button.

People love ChatSupport.

ChatSupport customer reviews with rating and feedback ChatSupport customer reviews with rating and feedback


  • What is ChatSupport?

    ChatSupport is a powerful web based live chat solution for the auto industry that enables you to convert leads, respond instantly to customer queries, and resolve problems in real time.

  • How do I add live chat to my website?

    Adding live chat to your website is simple. You can simply add a small piece of code to your website or see our list of available plugins here. This allows you to install the widget directly from your website’s app store.

  • What are the benefits of live chat to the auto industry?

    Add live chat to your website to enhance your digital showroom making it easy for customers to get the instant support they need. By answering questions in real time you can guide customers to their ideal purchase and form a long lasting relationship.

  • How can car dealerships use live chat?

    Car dealerships can use several live features to enhance their digital showroom. This includes targeted outbound campaigns, multi-chat handling to engage multiple customers simultaneously and a user dashboard containing customer information.

  • How much does ChatSupport cost for car dealerships?

    ChatSupport is completely free for the auto industry and you can add up to 20 of your team mates. Need any help supporting customers in your digital showroom? Check out our 24/7 supported service here.

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