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    Travel agent
    online chat.

    In the age of 24/7 shopping, travellers expect support from online travel agents at the click of a button.

    Support new website visitors and guide them on the path to purchase with proactive chat.

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    Provide instant

    Avoid wait time. Enable international, and domestic travelers to get the help they want.

    Provide immediate live assistance 24/7 to travelers before they switch over to a competitor. Engage travelers and website visitors in a real-time conversation.

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    Cut down on customer
    acquisition costs.

    Cut down on customer acquisition costs.

    Monitor website visitor activity from the comfort of your home. Offer proactive support to help visitors find the best holiday.

    Connect with your visitors at the click of a button. Help customers make the best choices and convert visitors to being loyal customers.

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    More leads,
    more conversion.

    Get more leads using the lead capture widget. Collect all critical traveler contact information needed for your marketing strategies.

    Access all lead information anytime from your ChatSupport account and re-engage leads with custom targeted messages.

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    Help travelers book their dream destination from the convenience of their living rooms.

    Build trust with a face-to-face meeting from anywhere. Send and receive documents for processing visas, booking a trip, and other travel-related items.

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    We're always on-hand to answer chats from your website visitors and help guide them to the right solution for you.

    Set your chats to route to us only when there is an overflow of chat, or have us answer all chats on your behalf.

People love ChatSupport.

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  • What is ChatSupport?

    ChatSupport is a powerful live chat software solution for the travel industry that can be added to any website/web property to engage and support website visitors.

  • Can I use ChatSupport on my travel agency website?

    Absolutely! You can add ChatSupport to any site using one of our ChatSupport plugins or by adding the javascript code directly to your website. You can see further instructions here.

  • Is live chat beneficial to travel agencies?

    Yes! Live chat is a quick and easy way for travellers to have their questions answered in real time. Travel agents can guide website visitors to their ideal holiday destination and through the booking process, making it a seamless experience.

  • How can travel agents use live chat?

    Travel agents can use several different features to provide a great user experience for customers. This includes custom chat prompts, a live visitor queue, pre and post chat surveys and much more.

  • How much does ChatSupport cost for the travel industry?

    ChatSupport is completely free and you can add up to 20 travel agents. Need any help assisting your travellers? Check out our 24/7 supported service here

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