Add ChatSupport Widget to Multiple Websites.

You can add different ChatSupport widgets to different websites and manage them all in one place. Seamlessly route chats from specific widgets to the associated teams. By doing this, you can ensure that chats from the website's sales page to the sales team, contact us page to the support team, jobs page to the HR team, and so forth.

1. Login to your ChatSupport account.

Log in@2x

2. Go to Settings > Manage Widgets, then click +Add New


3. Provide a name for the widget in the Widget name field, and hit Enter to save it.


The widget is now created.

4. Click Copy code to copy the Widget Code.


5. Paste the widget code before the </body> tag of your website’s or webpage’s source code. This will add the ChatSupport widget to the website/webpage.

Repeat steps two to five to embed more widgets.

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