Dashboard Support Articles.

  • How do I sign up for ChatSupport?

    A valid email address is all that’s needed to sign up for a ChatSupport account. You can alternatively sign up using your Google or Facebook login as well. Learn More

  • How can I embed a chat widget on my website?

    The widget code is a code snippet that can be added to your website’s source code to embed the chat widget to your website. You can either copy or email your widget code found under Widget Settings. Learn More

  • Overview of ChatSupport Widgets

    The ChatSupport widget has three different types of configuration - Chat Widget, Proactive Chat Widget, and Lead Capture Widget. You can add a ChatSupport widget to your website in a few simple steps. Learn More

  • What is Live Visitor Queue in ChatSupport?

    The Visitors section shows you the list of people currently browsing through your website. You can view the page they are on and initiate a chat with them from here. Learn More

  • Can I upload a custom profile picture in ChatSupport?

    Yes. you can upload a profile picture. In the customization area under Widget Icon, click the camera icon to upload a picture from your computer.Learn More

  • What is the ChatSupport Dashboard?

    View all your contacts in one place. The dashboard gives you a complete overview of all your contacts categorized as Leads, Visitors, and Customers. Learn More

  • How can I set up a Lead Capture Widget for my Website?

    Encourage visitors who are interested in your products/services to leave their contact information via ChatSupport’s lead capture widget on your website. Learn More

  • How can I set up a Proactive Chat Widget for my Website?

    A proactive chat widget lets your website visitors connect with your team and chat with them in real-time. Learn More

  • What is Team Directory in ChatSupport?

    Explore your team members, their profiles, and permissions under the Team Directory. Allow permissions to your team members and restrict access to some team members based on your requirement. Learn More

  • Can I add a team member to ChatSupport?

    You can add as many team members as you want to your ChatSupport. Send an email invite to a team member to join your team from wherever they are. Learn More

  • ChatSupport Campaign

    Send automated and targeted messages to the contacts in your list. Create custom lists and messages to visitors, leads, onboarding new users, and customers. Learn More

  • How to Set up a Chat Campaign

    A chat campaign appears at the bottom right corner of your website as a chat widget. The visitor or customer seeing the message will be able to respond to you. Learn More

  • How to Set up an Announcement Campaign

    An announcement campaign appears as an announcement at the center of your website. The visitor or customer seeing the message will be able to respond to you by clicking the chat window. Learn More

  • How To Set Up An Email Campaign

    Create and send custom email messages to the segmented contact lists in your ChatSupport account at a scheduled time. Learn More

  • What are the roles for team members in ChatSupport?

    The role of a team member determines what level of access they have over ChatSupport settings and other functionalities. Owner, Admin, Member, and Restricted Member are the different role types. Learn More

  • Can I change the color and avatars in my ChatSupport widget?

    Configure the appearance settings of your ChatSupport widget with just a few clicks and preview the changes in real-time. Learn More

  • Getting Started with Conversations.

    The conversations page is the hub of all your communication in ChatSupport. Search for old chat interactions, collaborate better, and improve chat experience. Learn More

  • How to answer incoming chats?

    ChatSupport will prompt your team to accept an inbound chat after which a team member can start chatting with the visitor. Learn More

  • What is Auto Answer in ChatSupport?

    Auto Answer instantly assigns incoming chats to agents seamlessly. This way, your visitors won’t experience a wait time or delay in connecting with an agent. Learn More

  • How do I change my presence status in ChatSupport?

    Change your online presence in ChatSupport and set to I’m Available to start taking chats. Your Availability status will determine if inbound chats will be routed to you or team members. Learn More

  • How can I accept an incoming chat request in ChatSupport?

    Get notified when you have an incoming chat. Click Accept to begin chatting. Click Ignore to Reject the incoming chat request. Learn More

  • How are chats routed in ChatSupport?

    Chats will be routed to the longest waiting agent in the queue and based on their skill levels - Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert. Learn More

  • Can I edit my business hours in ChatSupport?

    Set unique business hours for each widget. Use the weekdays preset or choose the custom option to set your own hours. Enable out-of-office to send a custom message for inquiries after your business hours. Learn More

  • What is Chat Disconnect Timer?

    The chat disconnect timer disconnects the chat after the visitor is inactive on your website for the set timing. Prioritize active visitors and leads. Learn More

  • Add ChatSupport Widget to Multiple Websites

    You can add different ChatSupport widgets to different websites and manage them all in one place. Go to Settings > Manage Widgets > Add New. Learn More

  • Can I assign multiple widgets to an agent?

    Yes, you can assign multiple ChatSupport widgets to an agent so agents will receive chats from more than one widget. Learn More

  • Can I assign and unassign widgets to a team member?

    You can assign and unassign widgets to a team member to moderate chat routing. Only team members with Owner and Admin access can perform this action. Learn More

  • Can I whitelist a domain in ChatSupport?

    You can whitelist a domain URL for the ChatSupport widget to appear on the website. Simply click the +Add to Whitelist link to whitelist more URLs. Learn More

  • Can I edit my profile and upload a picture?

    You can edit your profile information and upload a picture. You can add additional contact fields like email address and phone number. Learn More

  • Can I edit my working hours in ChatSupport?

    Set or edit your working hours in ChatSupport. Use the weekdays preset or choose the custom option to set your own hours. Learn More

  • I forgot my ChatSupport Password. What should I do?

    No worries. You can reset your ChatSupport password using the forgot password option on the Login page. Learn More

  • Can I delete a Team Member from ChatSupport?

    Yes, you can delete a team member from ChatSupport. You would need to have an Owner or Admin access to delete a team member. Learn More