How to Set up a Chat Campaign.

A chat campaign appears as a pop-up chat window on the bottom right corner of your website. The visitor or customer seeing the message will be able to respond to you by clicking the chat window.

1. Go to Campaigns.

Campaigns menu button

2. Click New Campaign.

Create new chat campaign button

3. Choose Chat, then click Next.

Next button on chat campaign setup

Design your campaign:

You can always preview the final look of your campaign on your screen, even as you create it.

1. Set a Campaign Name.

Name your chat campaign

2. Select a FROM name.

Set a from name for chat campaign

3. Then, type in your campaign content.

Add content button in chat campaign

4. Click Next.

Next button on chat campaign setup

Preview Campaign:

Click the Run button to see a preview of this campaign. Otherwise, click Next.

Run button to preview chat campaign

Publish Campaign:

Choose which recipient segments should receive this campaign.

1. From the Select Recipients dropdown, click on one or more segments to choose.

Select contacts segment to send chat campaign

2. Set a start and end date for the campaign.

Date picker in chat campaign

3. Click Publish.

The publish button in chat campaign

The campaign is now live.

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