Widget Support Articles.

  • How do I sign up for ChatSupport?

    A valid email address is all that’s needed to sign up for a ChatSupport account. You can alternatively sign up using your Google or Facebook login as well. Learn More

  • How can I embed a chat widget on my website?

    The widget code is a code snippet that can be added to your website’s source code to embed the chat widget to your website. You can either copy or email your widget code found under Widget Settings. Learn More

  • Overview of ChatSupport Widgets

    The ChatSupport widget has three different types of configuration - Chat Widget, Proactive Chat Widget, and Lead Capture Widget. You can add a ChatSupport widget to your website in a few simple steps. Learn More

  • What is Live Visitor Queue in ChatSupport?

    The Visitors section shows you the list of people currently browsing through your website. You can view the page they are on and initiate a chat with them from here. Learn More