Whitelist Your Domains.

You can whitelist a domain URL for the ChatSupport widget to appear on the website. It’s not mandatory to whitelist webpage URL’s as a requirement to show the ChatSupport widget. It helps prevent showing up on unintended or 3rd party domains.

How to Whitelist Domain URLs:

1. Go to Settings > Manage Widgets.

2. Choose a Widget, then click Widget Behaviour.

3. Click Widget Display under Widget Behaviour.

4. Click the “Add to Whitelist” link.

5. Paste the URL to be whitelisted, and hit Enter.

The URL is now whitelisted. This whitelisted URL will now appear under the Whitelist URL list in ChatSupport.

You can add multiple URLs to the whitelist in ChatSupport. Simply click the +Add to Whitelist link to whitelist more URLs.

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