Configure Proactive Chat Widget.

Invite your website visitors for a personalized interaction through ChatSupport’s proactive chat widget on your website. Configure the proactive chat widget to auto pop-up every time a visitor hits your website in a few simple steps.

Create your free ChatSupport account.

1. Go to Settings > Manage Widgets and choose a widget.

Settings showing the manage widgets view in chatsupport

2. Click Widget Behaviour and then click +Add New under the Proactive Chat tab.

Settings showing widget behavior configuration

3. Customize the form fields in the create page and click Save to confirm changes.

Name of the Prompt: Visitors will see this name on the chat widget on your website.

Trigger URL: This proactive chat widget will appear when visitors land on this URL.

Prompt Message: The first message visitors will see on the chat widget.

Delay: Set a delay for the chat widget to pop-up once a visitor lands on your website.

Settings showing prompt customization and the save button

4. The proactive chat widget will show up on the bottom right corner of your website.

The chatsupport widget appearing on the webpage on which it was set up
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