Get Started with ChatSupport.

What is ChatSupport

ChatSupport lets you see and connect with your website visitors in realtime. Install the ChatSupport widget on your website to engage, and empower visitors throughout their stay on your website. Improve engagement on your website and convert prospects to leads through customizable chat widgets.

Create your free ChatSupport account.

1. Go to, and click SignUp

2. Choose Sign up with Google or use your email address to create a free ChatSupport account.

3. Fill in your First Name and Last Name in the About You section, then click the Submit button.

4. Hang in, you’re almost there!

Install the ChatSupport widget:

Click Embed Widget and begin the chat-widget installation.

5. Click Embed Widget

6. Click Copy to copy the code. Then, paste/Add this code before the </body> tag of your website’s source for the widget to appear on your website.


Enter the email address of your website developer to have the widget code emailed to them. Then click Email Code.

7. Once the changes are saved, the chat widget will appear at the bottom right corner of your website in just a few seconds.

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