Set Widget Business Hours.

Set unique business hours for each widget. Enable out-of-office to send a custom message for inquiries after your business hours.

1. Login Go to Settings, click Manage Widgets.

Manage widget@2x

2. Choose a Widget.


3. Go to Business Hours.


Set Time Zone

Select a timezone from the drop-down.


Set Business Hours

Select a preset from the drop-down: 24/7, Weekdays, and Custom.


24/7 - Best suited for businesses that support customers 24/7.

Weekdays - Best suited for a regular 9 AM - 5 PM (Monday - Friday) schedule.

Custom - Lets you customize only on select days in a week with different hours on different days.

Click Show Days to customize your schedule.

Out-of-Office Response:

Turn ON the out-of-office response button to send an automated response to chats beyond your business hours.


Customize Out-of-Office Message

Craft your personalized out of office message for chats after your business hours.


Hit Enter to Save changes.

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