Incoming Chat Answering Notification.

There can be multiple visitors on your website at any time and can initiate a chat via the ChatSupport widget at the bottom-right corner of your website.

As the visitors begin typing into the chat widget, you will receive a pop-up alert on your ChatSupport screen.

Accepting an Incoming Chat Request

Click Accept on the pop-up that appears to begin chatting with the visitor.


Note: You will have to be in “I’m Available” mode to receive chats. If you haven’t enabled notifications, click Accept when your browser prompts to show these notifications.

The chat is now assigned to you and will be found under Conversations > My Chats.


Close a Chat

You can close a conversation once your chat has ended. Click the More button (three dots) found on the chat panel, then click Close Conversation.


Closed chats will be found under Conversations > Click the search icon > Resolved Chats.

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