Add Team Members to ChatSupport.

Team Directory

The team directory lists all your team members. This is where you can assign skills, change roles, add/delete skills, add new team members by sending them an invite.

Adding a new team member is a simple two-step process:

1. You send an email invite to the new team member.

2. The team member accepts the invitation and gets added to your team.

Invite Team Member

1. Go to Team Directory.

2. Click Invite People under My Team.

3. Enter their email address and name.

4. Set a Role for the team member. Click the drop-down next to Role, and choose a role.

5. Next, assign a skill for the team member. Click the drop-down next to Skill and choose a skill from the list.

6. Click Send Invitation.

Send Bulk Invites:

Use the +Add more people button to send invites to more than one team member.

The team member is now linked to your team directory with the status - INVITE PENDING and will be added to the team directory when they accept the email invite.

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