Assign Roles for Team Members.

Roles determine what actions agents can take in ChatSupport. There are four different roles in ChatSupport - Owner, Admin, Member, and Restricted Member.

Owner - Owns the company and the ChatSupport account. The owner has unrestricted access to ChatSupport settings, adding and deleting team members, answering chats, and changing roles and skills for other team members. There can be multiple owners in a ChatSupport account.

Admin - Has access to adding and deleting team members, answering chats, and can set roles and skills for team members. There can be more than one admin in a ChatSupport account.

Member - Has limited access and can use ChatSupport for their granted access and can answer chats. They can’t manage widgets, invite team members, and edit permissions of others. There can be many members in a ChatSupport account.

Restricted Member - Has 'view-only' access to Conversations of all team members. They have no access to ChatSupport settings and functionalities.

Assign Roles for Team Members:

Only team members with Owner and Admin access can change or edit the roles of other team members.

1. Go to Team Directory, and select a team member from My Team.


2. Click Permissions, then click the three dots icon and then click Edit.


3. Click the drop-down next to Role to set a role for the team member.


4. Click Save.

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