Set Working Hours.

All team members have access to setting and editing their working hours.

1. Go to Settings > My Profile.


2. Click the Working hours tab, then click Edit working hours link.


Time Zone

Click the drop-down and select a timezone from the list. You can also search for your timezone using the search bar in the drop-down.


Set Work Hours

Click the drop-down next to set or edit your working hours.


24/7 (12:00 AM - 11:59 PM) - Select this option to enable around the clock schedule on all days of the week.

Weekdays - Use this preset for a regular 9-5 schedule from Monday - Friday. Click the drop-down to change a start or end time on any day. Use the Apply All button to set a time on Monday and apply the same to the rest of the weekdays.

Custom - Select this option to set different hours for different days of the week.

Click Save.

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