ChatSupport Campaign.

Send automated and targeted messages to the contacts in your list. Create custom lists and messages to visitors, leads, onboarding new users, and customers.

Creating a campaign in ChatSupport is easy. Simply design, preview, and publish your campaign. There are three different types of campaigns in ChatSupport:


Set your campaign message to pop-up as a chat widget on the bottom right corner of your website. Learn More

The chat widget on your website


Set your campaign message to pop-up as an announcement on top of the webpage to get the visitor's attention. Learn More

An announcement campaign


Set your campaign message to be delivered via email to the contact. Learn More

Email campaigns

View Campaign Performance.

See how your campaign is performing. View a breakdown of the sent, opened, clicked, and interacted count of all your campaigns.

Go to Campaigns. Click All.

All campaigns button

Here you can view the state of the campaign, opened, clicked, and interacted rate of your campaigns here.

State - Shows if the campaign is a draft, live, or paused.

Sent - Total number of customers reached in this campaign.

Opened - Total percentage of customers who opened your campaign message.

Clicked - Total percentage of customers who opened, and clicked on any links in your campaign message.

Interacted - Total percentage of customers who opened and interacted with you by responding to your campaign message.

How to Edit, Pause, and Delete a Campaign

You can make changes to your campaigns, pause or even delete them.

1. Go to Campaigns.

2. Mouse over any campaign. Then click on the three dots icon found at the right-hand corner.

Options to pause, edit and delete a campaign

Click Edit to edit any part of the campaign.

Click Pause to pause a campaign that's sending.

Click Delete to delete a campaign.

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