How Online Chat Software Is Reshaping The Sales Process

Instant messaging is fast becoming the most widely used means of communication. So, it comes as no surprise that consumers are increasingly showing a preference for a similar communication method when interacting with businesses.
Online chat software has given businesses this coveted ability to better meet their customer needs. Simultaneously, it has also been a major contributing factor toward reshaping the traditional sales process as well. Read on to gain a host of useful insights into the effects of the live chat phenomenon.

Visitor on website talking to agent via chat software

The online chat effect

When prospects browse your website and can’t find relevant answers on your product pages, FAQs section, or additional resources, they’ll typically turn to  your live chat widget. Similarly to how customers would get the attention of a service representative in a physical setting, your website visitors can benefit from the same immediate assistance via live chat. This approach directly impacts your lead generation and helps to propel sales.

The numbers speak for themselves. Here are a few live chat statistics to demonstrate the effect of sales:

  • Website visitors that engage with your business via live chat are worth 4.5 times more than visitors who don’t.
  • Live chat support increases revenue per chat hour by 48% and conversion rates by 40%.
  • 79% of companies using live chat say it positively impacts sales, revenue, and customer loyalty.
  • Businesses using live chat report a 34% increase in customer satisfaction rate and a 2.6x improvement to customer care costs.

How live chat support impacts the sales approach

Streamlines the sales process

Online chat support has served to shorten the sales cycle. With convenience being one of the most important factors driving purchase decisions, instant, personalized support can make a big impact. Through a strategic approach that incorporates proactive chat triggers and lead capture widgets, for example, your business can move leads through the funnel more efficiently than before. That saves you both time and money.

Increases conversions

In addition to speeding up the sales process, chat software also facilitates conversions. To maximize your efforts in this regard, it’s important to have knowledgeable agents on hand to guide visitors through your website. This more personal touch increases confidence in your business and turns more visitors into leads, and ultimately paying customers.

Facilitates customer relationship management

Chat software makes it easier to manage your customer relationships. All the information you’ve gathered about visitors, leads, customers, and companies is accessible via a user-friendly dashboard. The data is purposefully organized to give you an accurate picture of your situation to simplify strategic decision-making. For example, leads can be segmented as new, hot, or cold. Alternatively, visitors, customers, and companies can be categorized as new returning, or drifting away, which enables your team to take the appropriate action.

Delivers useful customer behavior data

Cutting-edge live chat tools provide valuable insights into the way customers interact with your website. Through the analytics, you can get details about your user activity, visitors’ geographic locations, conversation history, and your most popular website pages. Access to this wealth of information makes it easier to direct future inquiries to the right personnel for an even better customer experience.

Leverage online chat software as a sales tool

For all these reasons, live chat support has changed the way businesses approach customer service and sales. The best chat software shortens sales cycles, boosts conversion rates, facilitates customer relationship management, and delivers valuable customer behavior data to drive business growth.

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