ChatSupport Plugin Installation for WordPress Sites.

1. Login to your WordPress account.

The WordPress login page to enter the email address and password

2. Go to Plugins under the left menu bar.

The Wordpress plugins tab showing the list of plugins

3. Click Add New, then do a keyword search for the ChatSupport plugin.

The Wordpress plugins tab showing options The search result in Wordpress plugins for ChatSupport plugin

4. Once you find it, click Install Now.

The activate ChatSupport plugin button under Plugins in WordPress

5. Once installed, click Activate

The ChatSupport plugin activated and appearing under Plugins in WordPress

Now you will be able to find ChatSupport under Active Plugins, and also see “ChatSupport” on the left menu bar.

1. Select ChatSupport, then click Connect to ChatSupport.

The connect to chatsupport button

2. Login to your ChatSupport account when prompted.

The chatsupport login page showing sign in with Google and log in with email options.

3. “Visit your site” to see the installed widget on your website.

The chatsupport settings inside Wordpress showing the message widget installed with options to visit your site and customise the widget

The ChatSupport widget is now installed on your WordPress website, and you are all set to take chats.

The chatsupport widget appearing on the bottom right corner of the Wordpress website

You can also customize the widget style and behavior from within your WordPress account by clicking the customize widget button.

The chatsupport live chat widget customisation settings for the Wordpress site The chatsupport live chat widget customisation settings for the Wordpress site
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